Saturday, August 24, 2013

Getting Back On Your Feet

First of, I want to say a sincere THANK YOU for the sweet comments and messages after my last post. It's been a tough few weeks and I was really, really touched by your support. If I haven't written back to you yet, I will.

The race was this morning. I wavered for a bit yesterday and for a little while had decided I was going to suck it up and run anyway, but I know that probably wouldn't have been realistic, so I'm licking my wounds and moving on. That's what you have to do, right?

There are a few things that helped... 

1. Some time with family & loved ones. 


After the accident happened I went home to Newfoundland to spend some time with my family. I had been planning a trip home before the accident, albeit a totally different trip than the one that happened. I had been planning on doing a road trip home, taking our time driving across the island and visiting with family along the way. Obviously a 10+ hour drive was out of the question with my back and neck boing so sore so we booked flights at the last minute. The sea kayaking plans were scrapped, as was our 2-day hiking & camping trip along the East Coast Trail with my sister and her hubby. 

Missing out on that stuff was disappointing, but we had a fabulous time in spite of it. My dad's summer cottage is a slice of heaven so a few days spent relaxing and reading on the deck was exactly what the doctor ordered. (PS if you're looking for a great summer read, The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (but really J.K. Rowling) was phenomenal, I couldn't put it down!)

Also: seeing my dog with my dad and sister's dogs all together for the first time was pretty awesome. I think we like little white dogs?

Daisy-Pants is the second from the left, looking at the ceiling!

2. A lil retail therapy (don't worry mom, I didn't go nuts!)

I bought a fab pair of boots when I was back home. I've been looking for a pair of boots in this colour and style for a while and was pumped to find these! 

Ladies, is there a situation on earth that is not made better by new boots/ shoes?!

Truth: an old boyfriend cheated on my years ago, just before Christmas. So I returned the present I had bought him and used money to buy some fab new shoes. They really do make everything better!

I also invested in a new running outfit (and a half?). I know money can't buy happiness, but it can buy pretty things from Lululemon, and those do make me happy! 

For when I am able to run again... and maybe for wearing around the house until then :) A HUUUGE thank you to Amy - I missed out on the elusive plaid shorts when they were uploaded, and she was sweet enough to pick me up a pair at her store and ship them to me. I was still at the hospital when she sent me the message, and it was seriously the best part of that otherwise awful day. Thanks again girl!

3. Speaking of running again.... 

I may have had to miss out on the race today (*sniff!) but instead of dwelling on what has happened and what I can't change, I am looking to the future. 

So I registered for another race. Moncton Legs for Literacy Full Marathon: I will see you in October. 

I had a really good chat with a friend of mine who is also a ER and sports doctor. I knew he would give me a honest and straight opinion, and I know he is all about using physical activity to promote healing. I really believe that getting active is the best way to heal (you can read my thoughts and my experience with it after my last accident here!), and I knew that if he said it was ok to run, then I should do it. As I suspected he would, he recommended that I get back at it asap!

So I'm going to go for my first run since the accident this afternoon. I'm sure it's going to be tough and probably a little painful, since my back and neck are still really stiff and sore. But I also remember after my last accident, things really didn't improve until I started getting active again. So this time, I'm trusting myself and my friend's advice and I'm jumping back in the game. After all, I've got a marathon to train for!!

Have you ever been in an accident?

Is anyone racing this weekend?

Is anyone else a fan of retail therapy? If you were on a retail therapy mission, what store would you most likely find yourself in?

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  1. I was wondering where you were today. So sorry to hear about the accident.

    Herbie said something today that stuck out to me... that "99% and the most important part of accomplishing this goal is not today, but all the months of time and dedication and training that led up to it... today's just a run"... and the fact that you went until two weeks out of training for an ULTRAMARATHON means you are already AMAZING... and will obviously totally smoke this October marathon.

    Also, only 365 days until the next ultra. I seriously may be tempted. Positive vibes for here-on-out!

  2. Glad to hear you're back at it! I'm sure the fitness you've gained in training will allow you to bounce back quickly. Sending positive vibes for a speedy recovery!

  3. Sounds like you needed that trip! Hope your road to recovery goes well and that your run this afternoon is just what you need. Been thinking about you since your last post but didn't have a moment to comment.
    Happy running today.

  4. Sorry to hear about the accident Jen. Was missing your presence but am glad everything is ok now. Be patient and positive. Things will always get better with time. Hugs from NZ!

  5. So sorry to hear about the accident but I really love and appreciate your honesty. Glad you're back it and in a more positive spirit. Sending virtual hugs.