Friday, October 26, 2012

Product Review: Lululemon Runder Unders

I have a new favourite thing in my world...

Lululemon Runder Unders

Lululemon released 'Runder Unders' last week. There was lots of hype about them and I kind of got caught up in it and ordered them right away when they were uploaded, and of course they sold out online almost immediately.

I'm so glad I bought them, they're pretty wonderful (runderful? haha nooo, too cheesy!)

Reflective Cuffs!

The pants are supposed to be a running- oriented take on their classic leggings, Wunder Unders. I have way too many pairs of Wunder Unders in way too many colours and I'm a big fan of those too. I wear them for running, though they're not specifically intended for it.

Information from Lululemon:

key features

  • flip up the cuffs for reflectivity in low-light conditions
  • the gusset is engineered to give your lady business freedom to be
  • smooth, wide waistband - the only muffin you should have is for breakfast
  • stow fuel in the two gel pockets tucked into the waistband
  • tighten the continuous drawcord in the waistband for a proper fit
  • flat seams help keep irritating chafe in check
  • choose your own adventure - some colourways have fabric-blocking on the inside for reversibility

Comfy pants!

My favourite things about these pants:

1. They're SO soft! I'm a huge fan of Rulu. The day Lulu starts making Rulu sheets will be the happiest day of my life.. I'd go all John & Yoko and spend a year in bed :)

2. The herringbone print is so pretty!

3. They're very versatile. I can wear them relaxing (cause they're just comfy as cozy sweatpants!), running or dress them up with boots and a tunic or sweater.

Dressed up Tights!

4. They have all the features you could want in running tights- zippered back pocket (I believe this is only on the herringbone version), 2 gel pockets, reflective bands (which you can flip under so they're not visible!), continuous drawcord and luxtreme inner waistband to suck you in at all the right places

They're a little pricy at $92.00, but I will get enough use out of them to make them worth the price.

Running Pants

In terms of warmth, I'd classify these as fall weather pants. Too warm for summer or late spring running, but definitely not warm enough for winter (which I think a lot of people were hoping they'd be useful for). They'll make a good base layer, but these won't be much use on their own in sub-zero temperatures. They're not especially thick and if you're looking for a winter legging, I think you can find a more functional pair of tights.

The other versions of these pants (not the herringbone print I bought) are reversible and have different colours on the reverse side. For some ridiculous reason, Lululemon doesn't show the reverse side on the website, but you can find pictures on LuluAddict or Lulumum, or you can google pictures.

Overall I'm a big fan of these pants and I don't have much negative to say about them! I love wearing them around the house and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of them. If you're looking for a good pair of fall running tights I would recommend these :)

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  1. I'm not really a fan of Rulu, maybe for a shirt, but not for pants, but apparently there's a Luxtreme version coming. My other beef with these is they need more reflective stripes.

  2. I have these also and love them. They are definitely a winter tight for me/my climate, but I see myself getting a lot of use from them. The Rulu is super soft, and the herringbone print is great. They look really cute on you!